Printed Paper Tape is an eco friendly packaging solution.

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Fully recyclable

The recyclability of paper makes this tape option a favourite in many packaging solutions.

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Reinforced option

Reinforced paper tape has cross-woven glass fibers that are extra strong to accommodate heavy loads.

packaging tape uk supplier

Free Artwork Design

Free Artwork Design is available on quantities over 36 rolls.

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Printed Paper Tape

Business processes in the 21st century ought to be sustainable to guarantee the entity perpetual existence. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.
The printed paper tape is a sustainable way to seal your boxes when in transit. The quality of paper used is high therefore guaranteeing you a firm seal on your boxes. In addition, the tape comes in a variety of colours to add aesthetic value and match up your corporate colours.
The best paper used to manufacture printed paper tape is kraft paper. It is known for its strength and smoothness. Customizing printed paper tape gives you a smart avenue to advertise your company as well as provide receivers and shippers important information and alerts.

Eco Friendly Paper Tape

Printing on paper is the eco-friendliest solution in the tape industry. Custom paper tape printing can be done on tape thickness of 125 microns which guarantees you strength and functionality. The paper tape can either be gummed, self-adhesive, or water activated.

The recyclability of paper makes this tape option a favourite in many packaging solutions. You don’t have to worry about where to take used tape because it can always be fed back into the process to produce new tape and other products.

Printing done on paper is very clear and legible. In marketing, this is a huge plus because customers do not have the time to squint at your printed information to get the message. Apart from the paper, the ink used in the printing is environmentally friendly and water soluble. You can get up to 3 colours printed on this type of tape for variety and branding.

Self Adhesive Paper Tape

Wrapping and sealing boxes should be a straightforward process. The self-adhesive paper tape is a sealing solution manufactured using natural adhesive. You do not have to use water to activate the adhesive because as soon as you unroll it, it is ready for use.

It sticks on the carton or cardboard surface quite fast and secures the flaps in place. If you want fast deployment because of the number of boxes you want to seal, you can use a tape dispenser or a standard tape gun to apply the paper tape.

Because it is made of paper, this tape is easy to cut. You can use your hands or a pair of scissors for a clean cut.

Gummed Paper Tape

Much like the self-adhesive paper tape, the gummed paper tape is recyclable. The paper used is environmentally friendly and sustainable which is perfect for carbon-neutral businesses. The demand for gummed paper tape has increased in the past decade as more businesses sell their products beyond their borders.

One incredible feature with this type of paper tape is that it can withstand weather extremes. Talk of hot and humid temperature or cold and freezing environments, gummed paper tape tolerates it all.

Unlike self-adhesive paper tape, gummed paper tape is used with a gummed paper tape dispenser for water activation. In terms of strength and durability, it matches the self-adhesive paper tape.

Reinforced & Gummed Paper Tape

The products in sealed boxes vary in weight. If you have products that are heavy and still require tape, reinforced and gummed paper tape is the best for you. It has cross-woven glass fibres that are extra strong to accommodate the heavy load.

The paper substrate is thicker than the standard paper tape. The commonly used type of paper for reinforced tape is 140 gsm kraft paper. This is strong and secure for all sealing needs particularly the roughest and most abusive.

You do not need a gummed paper tape dispenser or water activation for this tape thus making it easy and trouble-free to apply.

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