Printed Barrier Tape is great tool used for crowd control.

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Printed Barrier Tape

A great tool used to separate people / areas and grow your brand.

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Premium Material

(LDPE) This is a very strong material, that also finishes extremely well.

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Production Time

We can produce and deliver your printed barrier tape with 7 days.

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Barrier Tape

As the name suggests, barrier tape creates a divide and is mostly used in races, construction sites, charity events, and accident scenes by security officers. By design, barrier tape is non-adhesive. Printed barrier tape comes in different colours, quantities, and sizes depending on the need at hand.

The printing can also be tailored for the event or purpose for which it is required. For instance, barrier tape for accident scenes may be printed ‘Crime Scene Do Not Cross’ while tapes for construction sites may be printed ‘Road Works Ahead Do Not Cross’.

Part of the functionality of the barrier tape is in its strength. Most of these tapes are made using high strength polyethene or polypropylene material. These are plastic materials that are durable and tear-resistant.

Barrier Tape Sizes

The standard reference when it comes to barrier tape sizes is width and length. In thickness, all tape sizes match. When buying barrier tape, you must consider the size of the area that you want to cordon off.

Larger perimeters will certainly require longer tapes. If you make a mistake and order shorter tapes, you will end up joining several tapes at the terminals to cover the perimeter. On a standard scale, the barrier tape size is 75 mm x 250 m.

However, with customization, you can have variations in both width and length. The barrier tape used by police to fence off accident and crime scenes measures 50 mm x 250 m on average. Depending on your specifications, you can have tapes measuring 70 mm in width by 500 m in length.

Standard Barrier Tape

These barrier tapes serve the same purpose as the printed barrier tapes only that they are either monochromatic or polychromatic. For instance, you may come across standard barrier tapes with black and yellow or white and read hazard warnings.

These barrier tapes are usually preprinted because there is no customization needed. If you want to block off dangerous areas within your facility to prevent accidents, standard, as opposed to printed barrier tapes, are recommended.

The lack of customization in these tapes makes them slightly cheaper than the customized varieties. The only messages, if any, are general just to catch people’s attention and enhance the visibility of hazards.

The materials used in making standard barrier tapes are like those used in printed barrier tapes. This means you enjoy equivalent strength, tear resistance, and durability.