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Low Minimum Order

Our minimum order is only 36 rolls, although purchasing 72 rolls is more cost effective.

packaging tape uk supplier

Free Artwork Design

Order 288 rolls or more and our studio department will design your artwork for free.

packaging tape uk supplier

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We now offer a premium turnaround service. Receive your printed tapes in 3 - 7 days!

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Printed Tape

The functionality of tape as we used to know it is changing. Instead of investing in a plain tape which only does the basic function of sealing boxes, think about custom printed tape. This is a multipurpose tape which is effective both in sealing and marketing.
The process and materials used to make this tape are highly advanced thereby resulting in stronger and more secure tapes. The continuous design that characterizes custom printed tape makes it visually tamperproof.
To add to the above, the custom printing gives you a platform to promote your brand in a low-cost way even when your products are in transit. With brand awareness comes spillover effects that will greatly benefit your business.

Bespoke Tape Sizes

Tapes have unlimited functionality and for this reason, they ought to come in different sizes. You may want tapes that have a width as thin as 10 mm or as wide as 150 mm. This is where customization comes in to tailor the dimensions to suit your needs.

When it comes to length, you can have a tape that measures up to 990 meters per roll. This gives you enough length to cover your area even if you want to go more than one round. Bespoke tape sizes require that you sit down and discuss your needs with professionals in the manufacturing facility or supply chain.

The cost of bespoke tape sizes is usually higher than standard tape sizes because of the utility. Another component with these tape sizes is that there is a minimum order you have to make because of the setup costs involved.

Packaging Tape Materials & Specialist Technical Requests

It is possible to have a tape with specific technical features to match your request. For instance, the background colour of your tape material can be changed through a technique such as flood coating to any base colour you want. The length of the handroll tape can be enhanced from the standard 66 meters to 132 meters and beyond where necessary.

In terms of packaging tape materials, polypropylene and vinyl are most preferred. Polypropylene has the advantage of a glossy finish and has a great surface for text prints. If you want a lightweight but strong packaging tape material that works well in both standard room temperatures and cold environments, propylene is a good choice.

You can opt for vinyl if you are after premium packaging tape material on which you can print logos and complex graphics. Vinyl has a professional finish and gives excellent adhesion and strength.

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